Just an Update

I wanted to give everyone an update on what I am doing these days. I also wanted to share my progress so far. So anyway I have been working full time still at my job. It is going well and I actually enjoy what I do so far. My boss is a pretty good guy and he is flexible with me on the hours. I recently went back to school for auto mechanics. I figured it would be a good idea for me to know how to fix cars since I enjoy them so much. We will see how that works out. So I know I said in the last post that I would pretty much become a hermit and try not to spend any money. Well, that was harder than I thought. I realized having a social life is just to important to me. While I sat at home just counting my money my friends would go out and have a good time. I began to get a little depressed mainly just from the boredom. I mean come on, how much video games can you play before you get sick of it. I had to find a happy medium. Learn to go out a little more just not to spend to much money. So like anyone else these days I turned to the internet for some advice.PiggyBank I found a site like this one here¬†What I am doing now is setting budgets for my spending. It will make it a little slower for me to get my Lexus GS, but at least I won’t go crazy or kill myself before I get it. So in my budget I set aside a bulk amount for savings and the rest I split up for food and other bills. And whatever is left over I use to have a good time and just enjoy myself with my friends. I definitely recommend this for you guys. This method will keep me sane and I can still enjoy a social life. Obviously there is a downside to this. It will probably take me a lot longer to get my dream car but I just have to learn to except that. After all what good would the car be if I had know friends to show it off to. Just to make this clear, I have not given up nor have I lost any enthusiasm towards getting my GS. I just found a better way to get there. Thanks for reading and letting me vent. Until next time.