First step to getting my Lexus

Since this is my first post I feel the need to explain what this site will mostly be about. For a long time now I have been totally into the import car seen. For the last couple of years though I specifically want a more luxurious, VIP status car. The car of my dreams is the new Lexus GS. lexusgsIt is a beautiful car that drives great and looks amazing. The only thing that I don’t like about what comes with this car is the hefty price tag. No matter, I made it my mission to get this car no matter what it takes. I started to make a list of the things I needed to do to make this dream a reality. The first and most important thing on my list was to get a job. Yes I know, duh.. How can I buy an expensive ass car like that If I don’t even have a job. So I started to focus really hard and start applying at different places. One day while looking for job listings online I found that was hiring. They offered great pay and good benefits so I applied. I got hired immediately and that was great. I was one major step closer to getting my Lexus. Now I just needed to figure out the rest of my plan. Knowing that this was a $50k car, I had to come up with a plan to save as much as I could. Luckily I live with my parents so I don’t have to many expenses. I also have good credit so I should be able to finance it but I don’t want my car payments to be sky high. After doing some calculations I figured to get my payments below $500 a month, I would need to come up with at leastmoney $20k down. I listed all the things I could easily cut back on to be able to save as fast as I could. After all I don’t want to be an old man by the time I get my car. Usually my biggest expense is when I go out. I like to party and go to clubs. I decided to cut that out entirely for as long as I could. I also new that eating out at restaurants was a big expense. So I decided I would eat at home whenever possible. I became a hermit for a long time. I would hang out with my friends but I hardly went to any places with them. I was kind of boring but I knew it would be worth it. I mean come on, what good would the car be if I went and bought it now with not enough money down. I wouldn’t be able to afford the gas for it. Hopefully with cutting these things out I will be able to buy my car soon. Wish me luck guys!