My name is Anthony Collins but my friends call me Tony. You guys can call me Anthony. LOL! I’m just kidding guys. If you guys are here we are already friends or I hope that one day we can be. Anyway, please feel free to call me Tony. I was born and raised in the great state of Hawaii. Also know as the “Aloha State”. Growing up I had many hobbies and interests but what stood out the most for me was cars. Out here in Hawaii the car seen is pretty huge. I was always into the import cars.Eventually street racing and drifting became a big part of my life. After I got a little older I started to slow down. I was still into the whole car scene but my taste in cars slowly changed. The state cracked down hard on street racing, and made some pretty harsh punishments if you were caught. I got tired of getting tickets and sadly some of my friends were even hurt from driving recklessly on the road. Not to mention due to heavy construction across the state, traffic was increasing really fast. Some of my friends started upgrading there rides to nicer fancier cars. They got nice euro cars and high end luxury import cars. From there the idea of “V.I.P. status” hit me. V.I.P. status is where you drive a nicer luxury car and trick it out for mostly cosmetic upgrades. These upgrades could be anything from slick paint jobs, to curtains in the car windows. The most important elements are having a sick drop and some classy rims. I like the V.I.P. status because it’s more laid back. It mostly consists of guys just getting together in a parking lot to exchange stories and to show off their cars. Car cruises will be slow and safe. It’s really a good way to meet new people and make good friends. I don’t have a luxury car but I do want one. The car I want is a Lexus. Specifically the new Lexus GS. It’s a really nice car with a lot of cool features. Best of all it’s super comfortable to drive. The bad part of all this is the cost. The new GS starts at close to 50K and can go up to 90K. Yeah, I don’t have that kind of money. Curse my expensive taste! However I haven’t lost hope yet. I’m working hard to save my money so that one day soon I will be able to afford one. With this blog you will be able to follow me on my path to get my dream car. I hope you like what you see and enjoy.